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Some important stuff you need to know to ensure a smooth arrival in glorious mama afriKa...
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scheduled flights into Africa

choose your own holiday dates & book online with airline of your choice
last minute air tickets are pricey so book early - and save good money
check rates on SAA, BA, Virgin, Delta, KLM, Qantas, Emirates & Iberia
which airport?
fly into either Cape Town airport or Johannesburg OR Tambo airport
if you are going on safari, ideally fly into CPT & out of JNB
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and we do the rest: from touch down... to take off

passport and visa

double check visa requirements for all african countries you plan to visit
you need TWO blank pages, side by side in passport, per border arrival
passports to be valid for at least another 6months after DEPARTURE
keep travel docs, proof of accommodation/sufficient funds handy
double check SA entry requirements for traveling with children

how many nights on safari

you can do 2nts on safari (a bit rushed…) while 3nights is just perfect
or spend 2nts at one safari lodge - then add-on 2nts at another lodge
keep the best for last & do the safari(s) at the end of your holiday

how many safari's can I do on one trip?

Yes, it is possible to do two safari's on one trip.
For example:
Within Kruger Park:
stay 2nights at a lodge in the Timbavati Reserve
do a 2.5/3hr road transfer to a 2nd lodge
stay 2/3nights at a lodge in Sabi Sand Reserve.
This affords viewing game in two of Kruger Park’s renowned big game reserves.
Within the Okavango Delta:
The same applies except, of course, one would need to charter flight between lodges.
Combining 2 safari’s in 2 different countries:
Option 1: South Africa - Vic Falls - Botswana
Stay 2/3nights at a big game lodge in Sabi Sand,
fly to Victoria Falls and relax for 2 nights
charter flight to the Okavango Delta for a 2/3night big game safari.
Option 2: Namibia - Vic Falls - Botswana
Stay 2/3nights at a lodge in Namibia for a ‘desert safari’
fly to Victoria Falls and relax for 2 nights
charter flight to the Okavango Delta for a 2/3night big game safari.

travel insurance Botswana, Namibia and Rwanda

all guests visiting Botswana, Namibia and Rwanda MUST have comprehensive travel, medical, cancellation, curtailment and default insurance for the duration of their trip. Due to the remoteness of safari lodges in these countries, it is VITAL to be covered for accidental death and disability; major medical; emergency medical evacuation; loss of personal effects, trip cancellation and any other unforeseen circumstances. Proof of insurance required at border posts.

tourism levy Botswana

Visitors to Botswana will pay a US$30 pp Tourism Development Levy in cash, or by debit or credit card at ports of entry. A unique receipt, corresponding with the passport, will be generated automatically and needs to be presented to Immigration Officials. The receipt will be valid for a 30-day period and can be used for multiple entry.

malaria medication and yellow fever

prophylactics are strongly advised for guests visiting Kruger Park, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Victoria Falls, northern Namibia and Rwanda. Please consult your doctor as medication commences PRIOR to arrival in africa. Also pack lightweight long sleeved shirts & trousers with closed shoes for evenings/early morning. Note that travel to Rwanda also requires a yellow fever vaccination - along with malaria prophylactics.

what to pack for safari

most importantly, if you are flying on a charter flight to any game safari lodge, travel LIGHT
safari charters require 15kg max per person in a soft bag with no solid frames or wheels
pack t-shirts, shorts, sandals, sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen and swimming costume
long sleeved shirts, trousers & closed shoes for evenings when mosquitoes are active
pack lightweight, neutral colours plus a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots
a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and thermals ensure comfort on chilly winter drives
insect repellent, malaria meds and specs to wear - in stead of contact lenses

15% VAT refund on departure

at a very favourable exchange rate, prepare to shop till you drop in South Africa
the 15% VAT charged on goods can be claimed back at airport before departure
VAT office could ask to see the items so go there BEFORE checking luggage

line CPT

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